Chad’s Family

Chad and his family sit down with Studio 5 and talk about that infamous hug between Ace and Chad that began a year ago when Chad made it home from Greenland in time for Ace’s first Varsity basketball game.

1 year ago Chad took a flight from Greenland to make it home in time to watch his son, Ace, start his first Varsity basketball game. He was only a freshman so this was unexpected. Ace gave Chad a hug just before tip off. He has been doing that ever since. Two weeks ago, Chad wheeled into the gym and someone in the audience took a video of what they witnessed and it has now gone viral. The video has over 10,000 hits and has been featured on many news channels. The story was covered on KSL SportsBeat and Game Night Live.

Before every varsity basketball game, Ace Hymas (16) takes a moment to honor his dad. His dad was injured in a terrible accident, leaving him a quadriplegic. Simple, but powerful example of respect and honor.

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