Chad is dedicated and passionately committed to getting his timeless message out to everyone. He knows the impact it has and he works tirelessly all year traveling worldwide. He realizes that timing, logistics and budgets have made it difficult for some companies to bring his message directly to them. He is so excited because now he can reach so many more people with his new program Roll With Safety. He knows the more people he can touch the safer our workplaces and homes will become. For him that is what is most important.

Chad Hymas

Chad lived an ordinary life. He owned a successful landscaping company, was married to his high school sweetheart and had two young boys ages 3 and 1. He lived on a ranch that him and his wife built, which was one of his dreams. April 3, 2001 he recieved a phone call from his wife to hurry home because their youngest son had just started walking. Chad told her he would hurry home, he just had to stop and feed the elk. Shondell waited and waited for him. Finally deciding to go look for him. That’s when life changed in an instant…

5 minutes can change your life!

Chad was in a hurry. Plain and simply he chose to take a short cut that would have taken him 5 minutes to complete. Instead he chose to “save time” and do it the way he had been able to do so many times before. This time he got caught. A one ton bale of hay came crashing down on him.