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After 15 years of speaking to various organizations striving for Zero Harm, and traveling to 52 countries on all 7 continents, Chad founded the Zero Zone & Roll With Safety Legacy Companies.  Team CH has several leading speakers, consultants, assessments, strategies, on-line videos and workshops, webinars and tools that when collaborated, have given results that are proven to work and have impact on organizations striving for a Zero Harm culture. Our goal is to share these solutions with you and help you take your family to the Zero Zone.



The bus is fully equipped with the technology to hold outside meetings for shutdowns, company family events, picnics, school assemblies, community activities, or places where we can’t bring people to a hotel. Chad can use the bus to travel to different sites. Let’s bring our message and meeting to them!

The bus is also used for PR with your companies mission statement along with our message to Zero Harm. Chad can also go to the local communities and schools on behalf of your company to share our same Zero Harm message with students in assemblies and families on a company sponsored family night (this has been a big hit). This is a great way to give back to your community and can be done as Chad travles from one job site to the next. Chad uses a slight twist and relates to youth of all ages, from kindergarten students to college graduates.

**Topics for students are: Bullying, Drugs and substance abuse, Choices, Texting while driving, Gangs and violence, Abstinence, and more. Appropriate topics are used for appropriate ages. The feedback from these events of you giving back to your community is phenomenal! Our office will line up all PR interviews and assemblies if desired.

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