At the intersection of Safety and Leadership, Chad Hymas helps make workplaces safer! Our assessments measure the risk factors which lead to incidents on the job and recommendations for minimizing the impact of these factors on workplace safety.

Assessments are tools for evaluating the performance of all employees within the company. Safety managers worldwide are turning to Chad Hymas to help gather more complete information from the employees and the departments which they manage and to help their organizations reach Zero Zone.

A Zero Zone Assessment will help you discover:
How your company feels about and manages safety?
Your corporate strengths and weaknesses?
The possibility of having an incident within the workplace?

Zero Zone Assessment Benefits:
Identify opportunities for improvement.
Initial steps to establishing company strategy.
Identifies the places and need for growth.
Helps determines employees wants and needs.
Increase commitment of employees throughout company.

Zero Zone Assessments are an important part of ensuring that a company will not only be safe and accident free, but become one of the leaders in the industry.

The Assessment can be used as the foundation for developing your Strategic Plan and can be critical in developing a Business Valuation for your Company.


Align your workforce with the organization’s goals and priorities — and track progress.

Define your safety culture YOUR way and cultivate a culture envied by others.

Create a feedback-rich culture and ensure employees get the continuous feedback they need to be high-performing.

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