What Agreement Did Jensen And Strunk Make

In the end, if Strunk loses his leg, his fear of Jensen killing him is absolute. He does not address anyone in his company who was aware of the pact, only to Jensen, whom he insists on not killing him. Ironically, the oath is enough to appease Strunk, where an earlier oath would not suffice; despair of his situation compels him to take Jensen`s promise with faith alone. Confidence therefore depends on the situation, not on the person. Strunk trusts Jensen not to kill him on his word, but he wouldn`t trust him to make the original pact without a pact. O`Brien asks us who to trust in a war. Later this month, Jensen and Strunk will begin mating on ambushes and covering up on patrol. Slowly, they build their friendship and trust. They make a pact saying that the other would kill him if one of them was seriously injured.

Both sign the agreement. A few months later, Strunk was seriously injured while walking on a fake mortar tower. The explosion cut off his right leg of the knee. A paramedic treats Strunk and prepares him to evacuate him. Jensen goes to Strunk before being evacuated, and when Strunk opens his eyes and sees Jensen, he begs him not to kill him. Jensen tries to say a few words of encouragement and swears not to follow his agreement and kill Strunk. Strunk was evacuated by helicopter, but the unit later learned that he had died while passing through. O`Brien believes this message brought relief to Jensen, who felt a heavy burden. The “Friends” sticker ends with Jensen breaking his original promise and not killing Strunk.

But when news of Strunk`s death came to him, “it seems that Dave Jensen is being shed a huge weight.” Jensen had gone back to his word and failed his friend, so that he did not make a good friend of Strunk`s. Perhaps because he had not been seriously injured, Jensen had not undergone the same transformation as Strunk, who wanted a life after a massive and crippling injury more than the death of a soldier. One way or another, Strunk`s death fulfills Jensen`s promise not to let any of them live after suffering such an injury. He is again able to be Strunk`s friend not by his actions, but by fate and inaction. O`Brien forces us to wonder what is right and what is wrong in a war. If Jensen had kept his promise, he`d be a murderer. By not doing so, even on Strunk`s orders, he does not turn out to be a friend. O`Brien asks us what`s worse. O`Brien explores the storytelling of comrades` war stories and reveals that the truth is delicate and malleable.

Everything can be falsified… but in general, only the worst events can be proven as real.

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