Us Eu Air Services Agreement

32. Following a question from the US delegation, the Delegation of the European Union confirmed that the current EU legislation (EEC Regulation) 2407/92 of the Council of 23 July 1992 requires that aircraft used by a Community company be registered in the Community. However, a Member State may grant, in exceptional cases, a derogation from this requirement for short-term leases that meet temporary needs or by other means. A Community airline, the contracting parties, must obtain prior authorisation from the receiving authority and a Member State cannot approve an agreement to supply crewed aircraft to an airline for which it has issued an operating licence, unless safety standards equivalent to safety standards applicable under EU law or, if applicable, national law are respected. 3. The parties recognize that cooperation between their respective competition authorities is intended to promote competition in markets and that they have the potential to promote compatible regulatory outcomes and minimize differences in approach to their respective competition reviews of intercarrier agreements. As a result, the contracting parties will continue, as far as possible, to pursue this cooperation taking into account the different competences, competences and procedures of the Schedule 2 authorities. 7. If the Tribunal finds that this agreement has been violated and that the responsible party does not deal with the infringement or fails to reach a satisfactory solution for both parties within forty days of notification of the Tribunal`s decision, the other party may suspend the application of benefits similar to this agreement until the parties have reached an agreement on a settlement of the dispute.

This paragraph should not be construed as limiting a party`s right to take proportionate measures in accordance with international law. (3) The establishment of environmental measures complies with the aviation environmental standards established by the International Civil Aviation Organization in the annexes of the Convention, except in case of discrepancies.

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