Trust Management Agreement

The main part of the document defines the main purpose of the trust, including a complete description of the trust`s assets, terms and conditions and the situations in which the trust is terminated. There is also information on an agent`s powers and responsibilities and compensation provisions. This amendment of July 1, 2020 relates to the revised Investment Management Agreement which, on October 1, 2017 (“the agreement”) between and between FRANKLIN ALTERNATIVE STRATEGIES FUNDS, a Delaware legal trust fund (trust), on behalf of FRANKLIN K2 LONG CREDIT CREDIT FUND (the “Fund”), a number of trusts, and K 2/D-S MANAGEMENT CO., L.L.C. INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT AGREEMENT, made on the 5th day of September 2014, between each private investment company listed in scheduled Schedule A and part of it, as this schedule A may be changed from time to time, including the addition or withdrawal of funds (a “fund” and, together, the “funds”), and the Pacific Investment Management Corporation (“PIMCO”). This investment management agreement (the “agreement” reached on this day in 2019 (the “effective date”) is between (the “client”) and Panthera Capital LLC (the “consultant”). This agreement sets the terms for the investment management services Advisor will provide client and responsibilities of the parties. This December 29, 2017 Investment Management ACCORD is between THE MONEY MARKET PORTFOLIOS, a Delaware legal trust fund (the “Trust”) and ADVISORS, INC., a California company (the “manager”), and amends and reaffirms the pre-management agreement between the trust and the manager dated August 27, 1992 and amended on August 1, 1995. Unlike a retractable trust, this type cannot be amended or revised until the end of the agreement. The termination of the trust can only take place with the agreement of the beneficiary. Confidence revoked. This position of trust can be revoked or modified at any time by the Settlor. He is able to change the terms of a deed, to change the agent and the beneficiary of the trust. In addition, Settlor may terminate the trust contract as it sees fit.

AGREEMENT made this date from and between Dimensional ETF Trust, a delaware statutory trust (the “Trust”), on behalf of the Dimensional U.S. Targeted Value ETF (the “Etf Fund”), a separate series from the trust, and DIMENSIONAL FUND FUND ADVISORS LP, a delaware Limited Partnership (the “Manager”). Trust Agreement or Trust Deed is an agreement in which a person transfers assets to another person (trustee). Under the provisions of this Agreement, it is possible to transfer money, securities, real estate, personal and intellectual property and other property rights. This is an agreement between [Client Name” and RFG Global Asset Management, LLC, which is, a Delaware company (“consultant”). Through this agreement, the client keeps the advisor to provide investment management services to the client under the following conditions: . . To implement an appropriate fiduciary decision and avoid unnecessary complications in the future, contact IQ Decision UK experts to help you create a trust tailored to the client`s specific needs.

. Please contact IQ Decision UK`s lawyers to learn more about the potential benefits of a fiduciary act. . The substance of this document does not change according to its name, whether it is a trust deed, a trust instrument, a trust agreement. . This Amendment No. 1 to the July 29, 2020 Investment Management Agreement, which came into effect on July 30, 2020 (the “amendment”), is entered into between BlackRock Series, Inc. of Maryland (the “Corporation”) on behalf of its BlackRock International Fund Series (the Fund) and BlackRock Advisors, LLC, a limited liability company (the “Advisor”).

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