Traduction Customer Protection Agreement

Companies that offer high-risk activities, for example. B.B skydiving, often use a disclaimer. Although this is not an absolute guarantee, it shows that the customer has identified certain risks and agreed to take care of them. This retention clause may take the form of a letter. This clause is also called the exclusion of liability. Contractors often add ownership clauses to their contracts to protect their businesses from possible liabilities arising from their work. For example, a contractor who has been tasked with adding a bridge to a private home may add the clause to avoid prosecution for future violations on the bridge. On the other hand, the owner of the building can add a disclaimer in order to avoid any legal action in case of violation suffered by the contractor during the work. By an amending clause, both parties undertake to keep the others intact.

Entry into the hold-back agreement of Petropavlovsk PLC and CRI Limited In connection with the facilities of Gazprombank Petropavlovsk PLC (“Petropavlovsk” or “the Company”) and CRI Limited (“IRC”), a manufacturer and developer of industrial raw materials, as a major shareholder (31.1%), the Company has entered into an action agreement with certain agreements in favour of JSC Gazprombank (“Gazprombank”) with respect to the Company`s participation. In this example, the Hold Seim clause may require the participant to accept all risks related to the activity, including the risk of death. . . .

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