The Agreement To Participate

Inform athletes and their parents/guardians of this guideline in the participation agreement or any other written instrument that a school athlete and his/her parents/guardians must sign before the student can participate in a training or interskhlast competition. This Agreement, together with the procedural and license documents incorporated by reference, embodies the overall agreement between MIT, ERCIM, KEIO, BEIHANG and the Participant regarding the Participant`s participation in the Business Group and supersedes all other oral or written agreements entered into by the Parties regarding their subject matter. CONSIDERING that the participant in __________________ Activity groups include consortium members and non-members (“consortium members”, the parties that have signed the International World Wide Web Consortium Member Agreement). The annual fee for participation in the Business Group by participants who are not members of the Consortium (“Fees”) is described in the Business Group Fees table. The Participant agrees to pay a separate fee for each group and to enter into a separate participation agreement in which the Participant participates. . _____________ The consortium is not a separate legal person and this agreement does not create a partnership or joint venture. Neither MIT, ERCIM, NII, NII, BEIHANG, nor the participant may bind the other or establish a relationship between contracting entities or representatives. The Contributions and Achievements of the Business Group are subject to the W3C Community Contributor License Agreement (CLA) and the W3C Final Specification Agreement, both included by reference. The institution is bound by the provisions of the institutional participation agreement and by all the rules, rules and guidelines of the SWS. . . .

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