Tenancy Agreement Malaysia Early Termination

The reason words should and can be listed as options in the example above is because they carry the two different legal connotations. If you use the word “must,” it means that the landlord must allow you to renew your lease if you wrote within two months of your current lease expiring. However, if you choose to use the word “may,” it means that your landlord has the option of allowing you to extend your lease or refuse to do so. As a general rule, a lessor gives the assurance that the tenant will be able to occupy the premise for a full period of time and should not have the right to terminate the lease before the term expires. Early termination of the lessor would constitute a breach of contract that would allow the tenant to do damages and the basic principles of injury apply. Alternatively, a tenant may obtain recourse to a given benefit to compel the lessor to strictly comply with the terms of the tenancy agreement and thus allow the tenant to remain in the occupancy for the remainder of the promised term (Siew Soon Wah – Ors V. Yong Tong Hong [1973] 1 MLRA 726). Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, chances are you didn`t read the agreement before you signed it, either because you read the first lines of distance or because the agent might say, “Aiya. Standard agreement nia. Signs, don`t worry. The Judgment of the Commissioner of Justice is twofold; it applies to both the landlord and the tenant. Should a tenant be allowed to terminate the lease on a whim? What does the landlord have to go through to secure a tenant? Providing the services of a good real estate agent or negotiator, as the contractor`s agent is called in Malaysia, would, in most cases, be a priority consideration. These officers carefully review the profiles of potential tenants and ensure that only the most dedicated and capable people succeed.

What are the terms of the current agreement that should be included in the extension period? This is an important issue that we need to take note of. As explained above, the landlord has the legal right to take over the property by notice and the tenant must evacuate the land after the notice period has expired.

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