Shareholders Agreement For A Startup

Technical advice on shareholder agreements is strongly recommended. Anyone involved in the business needs to understand what they agree with, so that there are no misunderstandings in the future. We invite anyone interested in this topic to do more in-depth research, read blogs, and listen to the past experience of experienced entrepreneurs. A shareholders` agreement can limit an outgoing shareholder`s ability to create a competing business, which would be invaluable in protecting your startup`s interests and is the key to preserving the company`s value. As is often the case when a startup takes off, founders will be busier and have less time to close this type of deal. The absence of a shareholders` agreement could mean that it would be easier for fluctuating co-founders to leave the startup and venture with the ideas and framework conditions of the company itself. If your startup does not have a shareholders` agreement and there is a conflict, litigation and transaction negotiations will be more expensive than the shareholders` agreement at the beginning. The startup and/or other shareholders should always have the right to repay the shares of a working shareholder when the service or employment contract of the working shareholder has been terminated – example, the employment contract of the programmer and the working shareholder, Adam is terminated and thanks to a well-written SHA, the startup has the right to cash in Adam`s shares. A shareholders` agreement can protect existing shareholders by giving them the right to subscribe for other shares and therefore not to be diluted. At the beginning of every startup, founders expect a lot from their business idea and are often convinced that it will be a great success. At this point, many founders forget that it is also important to apply preventive measures to solve complex situations that can occur. This is why a shareholder agreement can guarantee the legal certainty of the startup and help prevent certain situations that could jeopardize the growth of the company.

During the Seed phase, the shareholders` agreement will be used to mainly settle fundamental issues relating to the relationship between the founders, starting with their equity participations, contributions, commitments and roles, commitment to the company, investment rules, etc. For all the above issues and many others, the shareholders` agreement should serve as a guide to tell us how to act and what the consequences would be in these situations. Consequently, failure to follow a shareholders` agreement would increase legal uncertainty for both shareholders and the company itself. A well-crafted shareholders` agreement should contain the following: it is important to note that shareholder agreements are independent contracts, which means that they are another type of document that can coexist with a company`s articles of association. . . .

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