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Travel agency LTC sometimes add a method by which the Agency measures and reports on compliance with a service standard. For example, you can specify that your response time is measured from monthly reports created by your phone system. I don`t have a generic service level agreement template for agencies, but here are some examples online – typically agencies in the UK: our strong international network of travel partners as well as well-trained employees would help meet your company`s travel requirements. Q: Our agency has been selected to make business trips for a large company in our region. The Corporate Travel Manager informed us that the company wanted a written contract with a Service Level Agreement or SLA. What is an SLA? How do we design one? What will happen if we don`t meet the required service levels? What if our failure was the result of a third party, for example. B our after-work emergency service? Travel managers are increasingly relying on service level agreements (SLAs) to monitor and manage relationships with travel management companies, technology providers and other providers. “A well-written service level agreement should keep you from having questions or problems a few years after a contract,” John Smith, president and CEO of Tower Travel Management, members of the Midwest Business Travel Management Association, said at a forum last month in suburban Chicago. In a white paper on next-generation service level management, Managed Objects, a provider of SLAs` management technology, found that these agreements typically measure four service areas: service availability or system availability; performance or time to respond to a request; assistance or time to resolve a problem; and security. Why consider a service level agreement? They help set clear expectations about the level of performance, offer potential opportunities to ensure and reward performance, and offer dashboards with metrics for monitoring program performance. . .


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