Security Service Contract Agreement South Africa

The safety authority must be professional and offer highly qualified and certified guards capable of offering the level of security and protection corresponding to the activities and operation of the customer and corresponding to the risk potential. The purpose of this Agreement is to regulate the relationship between the Customer and the Security Service Provider (which is a company) in relation to the security services to be provided at the designated premises. All orders and purchases of products and/or services of RIA SEBETSA SECURITY SERVICES by the customer and/or all contracts resulting therefrom and/or associated with them are subject to these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, as read together with the corresponding written offer and/or offer of RIA SEBETSA SECURITY SERVICES (if any) to the customer with regard to the products and/or services concerned. which general conditions of sale, as read with the aforementioned offer (if any), apply to the exclusion of any other condition, explicit, tacit and / or tacit. The customer acknowledges, by ordering products and/or services from RIA SEBETSA SECURITY SERVICES, that no condition that the customer imposes to bind to his order, delivery and/or purchase of products and/or services is binding on RIA SEBETSA SECURITY SERVICES, and the customer accepts that all the conditions that the customer proposes to subordinate, do not apply and are deemed to be superseded by these conditions. and conditions, such as in the offer and/or offer in question (if applicable). In the event of an opposition between the provisions of such a written offer and/or applicable offer and these general conditions of sale, the provisions of these general conditions of sale shall prevail over the provisions of the written offer and/or the offer. 10. 1 Ria Sebetsa Security Services is not responsible if internet/fiber optic connections are disconnected/separated at the customer`s premises or at Ria Sebetsa`s offices. This document was written by a lawyer for Net Lawman. It complies with the South African legislation in force. “. Yes, very useful.

I understand the terminology, etc., since I have already seen some legal documents. The notes are very useful. Give me a fundamental insight without the cost of a lawyer! » 4.3. SUBJECT TO THE PROVISIONS OF THE LAW, THE CLIENT: 2. provisions which would amount to a assumption of a risk and/or liability by you as a client; 2. MAINTENANCE, SURVEILLANCE AND ARMED REACTION SERVICES If it turns out that one of the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale is contrary to the provisions of the CPA, these invalid and/or unenforceable provisions are separable from the other provisions of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale and the applicable provisions of the CPA take precedence, but the other provisions of the GTC remain valid and binding on all parties. 4.2. . .

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