I Am In Agreement In Spanish

All they are saying is that I agree. Literally, the Spanish expression estar de acuerdo means to agree. I`ve never heard that either. A person might say “I agree” (I agree) or “I disagree.” Benz, you know I can`t recite the grammatical rules, but I can tell you, “I agree” doesn`t even work in the local color of a part of American English. This form of “agreed” use has a fairly strong business feeling. You would most often find it in a business meeting or courtroom where something is discussed to make (or conclude) an agreement. In this sense, “Do we agree?” replaces the question “Do we agree and can we end the discussion?” “Do we agree?” gives the same meaning as “do we agree?” (and “Do we agree with each other?” Let me conclude by saying that I`m absolutely not in favor of this kind of speech (and I`m certainly not trying to write that way), but I just wanted to point out that it`s likely that what you`re hearing is probably some kind of elimination, something along the kind of what I described above. – What did the f. you think? Were you bored? You`re right, Benz, that he`s not real English and people say it. Personally, it`s like hearing nails on a board. Maybe we have to go after this: “I`m nice….. In another sense, it refers to “being pleasant” in the sense that “pleasant” here is something like “pleasant”.

“We agree” doesn`t seem as strange as “we agree.” But it still looks awkard, if you ask me. . “I agree with you”; “Iamonna agrees with you” or “I agree with that” You can use these three ways for “you”, “us” and “them”, but as Ian says above, for some reason, “I agree” doesn`t work! I agree with you that in a sense, “I`m probably going to agree with you” or “I`m about to agree with you” I agree with you [Elision de gonn, leaving behind the non-discrete sound “a” pronounced in the same way as the word “u” in the word “mud” (schwa)]. In all these cases, “agreed” is used as an adjective and not as a verb. So if you can say “we agree,” you can also say “they agreed.” Reference 1Reference 2 found it!!!! The film is “The Last Kiss.” I also found this part on YouTube. Minute 1.03. You`re right, Benz, that`s what he says. I think it helps a little bit that he uses the weather. I think “we agree” sounds okay, because it sounds like “we agreed.” (We agreed.) But if you say it without the contraction.

“We agree, it sounds less good. Normally, you could say, “Oh, we agree on that.” Sorry, I`m curious about this sentence: What does it mean?. Phonetically, maybe that`s the way it is??? Gr?, Í?m`un ? ? Gr? or Ím??? Gr? For some reason, “We agree! That`s okay, but “I agree” is not. . . .

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