Healthscope Agreement With Health Funds

Brad Joyce, CEO of Teachers Health, said: “We will always fight for quality and value for our members in every negotiation and business decision, and I am pleased that a positive outcome has been achieved with Healthscope. While agreements from other funds are confidential, we know that hospital contracts are a balancing act. Our goal is to help you access quality treatment at a reasonable cost. This means that you have a large selection of hospitals and keep premiums as low as possible. The agreement resolves a funding disagreement that resulted in the termination of an agreement for members of a number of private health insurers. If no agreement is reached and you want the same specialist to treat you after this date, ask if he can do it in another hospital (contracted). We take accessibility seriously. Approval of the fee increase would have a negative impact on our members` premiums. As a member-focused, not-for-profit health fund, it would be irresponsible for us to accept fees that we feel are unfair and then pass on the costs to you.

Both ahsa and Healthscope will be participating this week in a mediation with the Private Health Insurance Mediator, so we will keep you informed if we are able to resolve this issue successfully. If no agreement is reached, the hospital will not agree after September 8, 2020 and you could have considerable costs out of pocket. “Policyholder visits to dentists, physiotherapists, chiropractors and other services are significantly reduced due to social distancing rules and advice to older Australians `stay at home`,” said Roy Harvey, the report`s author and health finance expert. CBHS strives to provide you with private hospital coverage options that provide affordable, quality healthcare. To comply with this obligation, CBHS has entered into agreements with more than 500 private hospitals across Australia, including the Healthscope Group of Hospitals (Healthscope). The country`s second-largest private hospital operator – now private equity-owned – has been in talks with the Australian Health Services Alliance (AHSA) since November. But they failed to reach an agreement on a new three-year contract to provide services to several australian health services alliance (AHSA) member funds. As we have not agreed to these terms, Healthscope has decided to terminate our agreement with effect from June 17, 2020.

A few weeks ago, we wrote to members to inform us of a change in our agreement with Healthscope Hospital Group. At that time, we had been laid off by Healthscope. While we are still in talks with Healthscope and both parties have continued to seek an amicable outcome, we had to adequately inform our members of the eventual termination, as it would affect their performance level if they were to visit a Healthscope hospital. Australian Unity strives to provide our members with private hospital coverage that represents the highest quality and value for money. Teachers Health recently called Healthscope`s decision to terminate the agreement for its members “irresponsible and ruthless.” We have agreements with over 500 hospitals across Australia…

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