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License – What are licensee`s rights with respect to the software? Can the licensee under any of these rights? What are the specific conditions, restrictions and prohibitions that should be imposed on the licensee? 16. RECEPTIVITY. The sub-granted license is personal to the licensee and may not be assigned by an act of the licensee or by law, unless it is related to a transfer for the bulk of all the licensee`s assets or with the agreement of the licensor. Software Delivery – How does the licensor deliver the software to the licensee? CONSIDERING that the Licensor and the Licensee consider that it is in their mutual interest and desire to enter into an agreement under which the Licensee would use the Licensor`s Software on its [desired use of the Software Platform] under the following conditions. Here, there are fewer optional regulations than in the standard and premium versions of the software license agreement. Optional provisions included include the provision of the software, explicit reservations of intellectual property rights, warranties and limitations of warranty, as well as contractual clauses. Limitation of Liability – To what extent does the contract limit the potential obligations of the parties with respect to the nature of the damage in question? This software license agreement can be used for computer, Internet, and open source software. Download this software license agreement for free today. Create your profile today and access free convenient marketing and management tools. Once your profile is complete, the UpCounsel Marketplace will allow you to check where licensed lawyers can find and manage new or existing clients, with the support of the UpCounsel warranty.

For example, if you download software from the Internet, the EULA is transmitted electronically. The licensing provisions are relatively flexible and allow for different types of licences and different types of licence restrictions and prohibitions. However, the document is not appropriate for licensing source code; It should also not be used when copyright is transferred to software and is not allowed. Our step-by-step interview process is more than a template and makes it easy to create a software license agreement. Save, sign, print, and upload your document when you`re done. The acronym EULA stands for the End User License Agreement and is sometimes referred to as the Software License Agreement. This agreement can be used to regulate the licensing of software by one company to another. The EULA is similar to a lease agreement in which the lessee does not lease the property or physical goods, but pays for the use of the software in the manner defined in the contract. This means that the user complies with all the restrictions indicated by the author or publisher of the software in the EULA….

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