Employment Novation Agreement

Except in very clear cases, the courts do not allow a worker to agree to a labour transfer, so it is preferable for the parties to sign a three-part agreement. In this agreement, it should be clearly stipulated that the employee accepts the assignment of his contract to the purchaser and frees the assignor (the company that transfers the business we call “seller”) from any contractual obligation. Employees are often considered the most valuable asset of an organization. However, unlike other assets, workers` personal services cannot simply be assigned to a new employer without the agreement of the worker and the new employer. Therefore, a business transfer that results in a change in the legal personality of the employer constitutes an effective termination of the employment relationship in the form of constructive dismissal. Companies should actively manage the way staff transfer is done, in order to reduce their liability. There are several options that allow a company to reduce this risk and ensure a smooth transfer for its employees, including: Novation is a complex process since all parties involved (the original parties and the new party) must sign the innovation agreement. Workers can still suffer losses. B if the new terms of employment are not as favourable or if their new employment is terminated before the notice due by the seller. In these cases, the seller may be held responsible for the unfettered portion of the losses suffered by the staff.

The buyer may also be held responsible for unpaid damages that are not settled by the seller. Companies considering this method should carefully consider all terms of employment and potential commitments and accept appropriate compensation clauses prior to transfer. This term is also used in markets where there is no centralized clearing system, such as swap trading. B and some OTC derivatives, in which “Novation” refers to the process in which one party can delegate its role to another party called “entering the contract.”

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