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Different notice periods are required for different situations. Some types only need 24 hours, while others take up to 3 months. LawDepot`s employment contract makes it easy for you to select an appropriate notice period corresponding to employment law. When establishing your employment contract, you should have already defined the details of your employment or your new employee. Both parties should take into account and be aware of issues, including, but not limited to, the rights to leave and dismissal, uninterrupted periods of employment, the national minimum wage, the Working Time Directive, the rules on Sunday work, statutory sickness benefits, automatic pension enrolment, the obligation to declare details in writing, the Dismissal Act and discrimination, as well as the provisions relating to maternity or paternity, although not all these issues are dealt with or taken into account in the context of the employment contract. Several notice periods are required in the context of an employment/employer relationship. Both parties are required to give notice at certain locations during the employment relationship. As a general rule, termination is necessary for the following circumstances: 4. When calculating working time, you must ensure that your employee does not work more than 48 hours per week, average over a period of 17 weeks. This is the legal maximum duration provided for in the Working Time Regulation and also includes work performed for other employers. If an employee is working on or near the maximum, ask them if they are willing to voluntarily lower the 48-hour limit – if so, they can sign an opt-out agreement (separate from the employment contract).

If this is not the case, you must take appropriate measures to ensure that the working time remains less than 48 hours. Employees also have other rights: a model of written terms and conditions of employment for staff. Microsoft Word format. Farillio meets the needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs by providing legal tools and models to support your business on its way. We have partnered with them to provide you with quality legal documentation that is relevant to your small business. This contract states that the contract takes precedence over the letter of offer….

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