Deposit Account Agreement Section (I)(C)(9)

Entitled: Each title, wording or section title here is provided solely for convenience and should not be used to interpret a section or provision. In order to avoid any doubt, consent to these conditions is exclusively between you and Nymbus. If you need to contact Nymbus via the Easy app, you can do so at 833.682.3827 or by email at Funds from electronic direct deposits in your account are available on the day we receive the deposit. These terms of use apply to Chime Technologies, Inc.`s online and mobile websites on which we have published these terms of use (together the “websites”). Websites are operated by Chime Technologies, Inc. with related companies such as Geographic Farming, LLC (“GeoFarm”) and subsidiary sites such as and (together “we,” “our,” “we”). You are likely to enter into a joint legally binding contract (even if you use our services on behalf of a company) by clicking “Connect,” “First Steps” or “Start Recording,” by accessing or using our services (including our paid services (see below) or content or information provided for these services. You will compensate, defend and maintain Chime for any failure to obtain or maintain the appropriate licenses for the MLS and/or IDX account, in order to allow Chime to use on the website or for the unauthorized use of that MLS data or flow by you or your agents. 5.1 Installation fees are due at the time the account is established and are non-refundable.

The duration of the fund availability period is counted in business days from the day your deposit is applied to your Easy current account. For the purposes of this data, our working days are Monday to Friday. Federal holidays are not included. Deposits received up to 16:00 Eastern Standard Time time are considered current day deposits. All deposits received after this date can be processed the next business day. Electronic credits: Direct deposits or ACH credits have no limit to the number or dollar amount of transactions that can be booked into your account. IMPORTANT: If your easy registration number changes, you should notify your employer or any other payer immediately. You must provide them with your new Easy Review Account Number to ensure that your direct deposit activity continues uninterrupted. In addition, we use the right to refuse debit card transactions if we suspect fraud, accountability, possible illegal activity or any other unusual activity affecting your account. Mobile deposits: no limit on the number of mobile deposits you make each day; However, the aggregate dollar limit you can make monthly is $5,000.00 if the final payment for an item you deposited into your current account has not been received, or if a direct deposit, the ACH transfer credit is refunded to us for some reason, you agree to pay us the amount of the item returned.

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