Agreement Problems Grammar

In English, defective verbs usually do not show a match for the person or number, they contain modal verbs: can, can, must, must, must, must, should, should, should. The obvious conclusion is that subject-verb compliance errors should be avoided at all costs. However, almost all authors sometimes produce such errors, if you happen to produce a subject-verb match in one of your texts, although you have read and acquired all the rules mentioned here, you are certainly in good company! Concordance of noun pronouns: number and sexual orientation In other words, as mentioned above, if he, she or that could be used instead of the subject, we have (the third person) the singular agreement, but if we could use it instead of the subject, we have a plural correspondence. This is what is shown in the box below. If you are looking for an exception to the statement that subject-verb concordance has no influence on interpretation, try using a plural zero subject, for example. B sheep. . . .

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